May 18

My Week

Hi everyday,

This week my school had school photos which were good and bad, It was bad because my head hurt the all day because my hair was so tight. The good things is we all had fun talking while  we wait to take our photo.

The quote of the day is:

I have no talent. I am only passionately curious 

Albert Einstein 


May 15

Happy Mother’s Day

Hi everyone,

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums all around the world.

Hope all the mums in the world are spoiled by there family with heaps of love and presents. Us Children don’t always say I Love You Mum but in our heart we love you to the moon and back everyday and always.

The quote of the week is

I love my mum. No matter what we go through, and no matter how much we argue, I know in the end, she’ll always be there for me.

– Kenneth


May 10

Exciting things that have happened

Hi everyone,

Something thing that are happening to me is we have been doing memories which is when we reflect one all the years we have had in primary school and write down and put photos and decorate.

The quote of the day is

Today you are You

That is Truer than true

There is No On alive

That is Youer than You 

Dr Seuss 

March 30

Term 1 Reflection

This term our art is all about Autumn and about Abstract art. One of our art pieces is using drawing chalk,Black Paper and Black Pastel. You can draw any type of flower in pencil after colour it in any colour you want. Colour the background in any colour you want then your finished.

The quote of the day is

You’re amazing just the way you are.

Bruno Mars


March 3

Its the New Year!

Hi guys,

Happy New Year! Hope this year is bigger and better than last year.

I hope this is has more education, more learning and trying your best.

This year For my blog i am going to put one quote each week  for you guys.

Comment what you are looking forward to this year 


November 22

Japan Earthquake!!

Today Japan was effected by an earthquake measuring 7.4. It occurred off the coast of Fukushima in north-east Japan. When the earthquake happened people were quickly told to move to higher ground. The reason for this was they thought that they would also be hit with a Tsunami.

There were no reports of death or serious injuries several hours after the quake hit. One woman suffered cuts to her head from falling dishes, Kyodo news agency reported, citing fire department officials.

This is the largest earthquake in Japan since 2011. In 2011 Japan was affected by 11 small earthquakes which are called aftershocks. The Meteorological agents said the earthquake was caused because of the 9 small ones in 2011 and they believe another large one will happen in the next few weeks.

Earthquakes are very common in Japan. They make up for about 20% of the worlds earthquakes that register a magnitude of 6 or more.


November 14

Camp Reflection

Before Camp-I hope on camp that we face our fears and expanded our horizons. My hopes are getting to know the teachers and my class. I wonder what the activities will be like and I wonder if the teachers will go on the rides.

I want to get out of camp is that I want to have a really good experience and learning knew things about camping and responsibilities.

After Camp-The best part was when someone  fall in the water in the trust activity.The best part was the flying fox and the giant swing.

The funniest thing was when Mr Weeks joined into the song and did his dance moves.

The hardest part was walking up all the hills and controlling the canoe with my partner . Leaving  was hard because I was having a good time and I enjoyed being with Katie and everyone else.

Something I learned was that mud can be fun and that camping is fun because you experience different thing you can’t do at home and being more independent.  

Someone I got to know better was everyone in my cabin because I didn’t know that they could be so chatty and have a different routine at home.

Something that surprised me was you have to do things quickly like shower,get dressed and get ready at night.

Most memorable part was doing the giant swing, flying fox and hanging out with friends and teachers.

September 16

Inquiry Reflection


What have I learnt about people, places and events of Australian history from the last century?


I have learnt that there are a lot of political people that have made a difference in Australia. I learnt that there was a significant event called the Eureka Stockade were Peter Lalor fought for miners say they can have the same rights as other jobs. Vida Goldstein started a petition that women should have the same rights as men.


I know how a bill is made into a law.

First you have a draft of the bill and you show it to Parliament in the lower house. the room is divided into two sides and at the end the everyone who believes that it should be a law they go on the affirmative side but if they disagree then they go on the negative side.If the bill passes they go to the upper house and the same thing happens if the bill passes then the governor sign the bill off, it is a law.


I learnt the three level of government is government, State and local.

They all cover each part of Australia.


Federation- Australia was their own Country and they became one nation.


Democracy Is when people in your country gets to vote for what they want for their country.


The government covers all of the big things about their country they look after.

The thing that help me was all the BTN, Excursion to Parliament House and my teacher.  

August 17

Sports Article about Basketball- Opals VS France

Olympics News 

Date 17/8/16

Basketball-Aussies v France

As they stepped on the arena the crowd went silent, but as the referee blew the whistle you could hear the players scream “GET BACK! GET BACK” every time France got the ball. First opening points were by the captain Penny Taylor. As Cambage gets the rebound and into the net it goes. Good deference under the ring from Erin Philips. There goes an easy lay up and boom!, another one in the basket.

The Aussies were up, but France was coming back. The scores were now tied. The Opals were going hard on France and they were tripping a little bit. It was halftime and all the girls and the coaches were talking about the game plan. When the buzzer went they stepped on court there was even more tension than there was before.

There were 10 minutes left and the Opals were up.  France just needed 2 more goals to tie with the Aussies. Now it is on! Nice passing from the Opals. There were 5 minutes left France can still come back.  There is a opportunity for France and in goes the ball in the net. It was too late and the buzzer already went and it is a big win to the Opals. The final scores were 89-71